Design and development process

Step 1

All products offered by Laudoracing-models are made in close collaboration with car manufacturers. Full documentation is provided to us including the drawings as well as the original plans of the vehicles. We study each resource in depth to develop and reproduce models corresponding in every detail to real vehicles.

Then the design of the vehicles is elaborated as well as the models in 3D including all the respective characteristics with each vehicle. This step is necessary and very important for the precision of development. It will provide a rendering of all the different elements that make up the model. This method offers the possibility of manipulating the components in isolation and thus in a more secure and precise manner.

Step 2

After developing the concept of a model, then we can move to prototyping. During the realization of the first prototype, the design team researches and develops technical solutions adapted to the specific manufacturing needs of each model. In order to achieve optimum perfection of detail, innovation and craftsmanship come together.

The next step is to analyze the prototype to make any improvements and correct any defects. After analyzing it and after validation, we start the production phase. We continue during each manufacturing process to make continuous improvements.

Step 3

Each piece is handcrafted by qualified and experienced staff. Always hand-made, each piece is assembled following a precise assembly process to guarantee always optimal finishes.

With regard to painting, our models are painted by a process similar to that used to paint classic cars. Made from resin, our models offer a better quality over time.

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